Project Financing of Infrastructure Facilities and Water Supply – Part 2

The biggest risks that project sponsors confront with in modern conditions of global financial and general economic crisis are: political, legal, financial, constructive, operational and commercial risks. Political risk comes out of potential possibilities of political phenomenon, like war, revolution, expropriation of active, the change of tax policy, currency devaluation, and problems of controlling foreign exchanges, exporting limits, and all other Government activities, that can influence on the project profitability. However, political risks can be extremely high, especially in developing countries, which have unstable Government so that all Government changes can influence on the project policy as well as on project sponsorship.

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Project Financing of Infrastructure Facilities and Water Supply – Part 1

Water economy is the foundation of economy and society, and water is the most important strategic resource of the 21st century. Benjamin Franklin said that basic water value could be understood only when the well ran dry.

Principal of development of water economy in Serbia is to create sustainable, highly qualified and various capacities which will provide the growth of number of employees and the growth of income as well not only in water economy, but in agriculture, transportation, tourism, and other branches, and all that in aim to increase life standard. In centre of attention is sustainable economic development.

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