Methodology for the Elaboration of Sectorial Studies for Territorial Capital by Synergy of the Sequential Components based on Eco-Bio-Economy with a View to Form the Rural Web Network of Zoogenetic Biodiversity in the Banat Region

Eco-Bio-Economy may be considered an attempt for a new eco-economic and bio-economic vision, which reunites in an integrated pattern: the economy, the ecology, the biodiversity, the eco-economy and the bio-economy focusing the integrated smart sustainable development of the world. To this valuable areas, the Eco-Bio-Economy may address possible Eco-Bio-Policies and Eco-Bio-Strategies and allows the contribution of the social economy, of excellence and of the “all in one quality”, of the welfare economy, of solidarity, social corporate responsibility, as elements which may be utilized in an integrated practical future platform in a multipolar world for a healthy and ecological environment, to ensure and to promote a smart, creative, innovative, economic sustainable development. Transnational projects can also be included in the strategy for development in Banat because these projects represent a possible way of developing the Danube area.

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