International Scientific Forum “Danube – River of Cooperation” is a non-profit, civil society organisation working for over 25 years to improve all forms of regional cooperation in the Danube Region, with focus on the close cooperation between the Danube region countries in transition.


Report on the work of the 29th annual Conference “Danube – River of Cooperation”

The 29th International Scientific Conference “Danube – River of Cooperation” was held on September 24th 2018, in conference hall of the Youth Office in Zemun.

This year, the Conference was dedicated to the importance of natural and cultural-historical resources for development and regional cooperation. Introductory lectures were given by prof. dr Bojan Dimitrijević (Time as resource of sustainable economic development), prof. dr Milan Dimkić (Sustainable use and protection of water resource) and prof. dr Snežana Štetić (Sustainable use of natural and cultural-historical resources in the field of tourism).

After that were presented research results, implemented projects, project proposals and project ideas in the field of sustainable use of natural and cultural-historical resources. For a detailed report on the work and conclusions of the Conference, please refer to the Final Document of the 29th Conference (pdf)

Report on the work of the international round table conference The Art of Preserving and Sharing

The international round table conference Sustainable use of natural resources – The art of preserving and sharing was held on June 23th and 24th, 2018 in Belgrade. Presentations and discussions were in the following topics:

  • Problems and possibilities of sustainable use of natural resources on the rivers and riversides in the Danube region: the situation on our rivers and the possibilities of solving the existing problems, the positive examples that could be followed in solving these problems, and the new project proposals.
  • Sustainable development of the tourism: cultural-historical wealth and its sustainable use for development of tourism, project activities and international and national project-proposals.

The success of the Conference is reflected in the mutual sharing of knowledge of panelists and in promoting successful projects and excellent project ideas and proposals for improving the use of natural and cultural-historical resources, as well as in establishing contacts for project cooperation.

The International Scientific Forum „Danube – River of Cooperation“ (ISF“DRC“) will actively monitor the continuation of the cooperation arrangements related to the presented projects at this event, and at its 29th autumn conference, on September 24 this year, will give space to project leaders to present their results, as well as further needs for the realization of their project ideas.

For the detailed course of the conference, with short summaries of the panel presentations, see the Report on the work and conclusions of the round table (pdf).

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Apart from monographes, conference proceedings and multimedia publications, ISF”DRC” also publishes the journal Danubius, with articles examining from the vantage point of social and natural sciences and humanities, the questions and problems of use of natural and cultural-historic resources in the Danube region, as well as on the forms of regional cooperation in this area.