Report from the Work of the Round-Table Conference on 27 June 2016

The round-table conference “Sustainable Use of Natural and Cultural-Historical Resources” was held in 2016 under the title:

International Scientific Forum “Danube – River of Cooperation” (ISF “DRC”) this year has connected its traditional round table with the celebration of the International Danube Day, the marking its multi-decade-long commitment to the realization of of project ideas of its members and partners. At the same time, with organization of this Round Table began a long-term cooperation between ISF “DRC” and the Faculty of Industrial Business Management of the University “Union – Nikola Tesla”.

The round table was held on June 27th 2016, beginning at 12am at the Faculty of Industrial Business Management, of University “Union – Nikola Tesla” in Belgrade, Street Knez Mihailova 33. The round table brought together seventeen participants:

  • Professor Dr. Nataša Bogavac, University “Union – Nikola Tesla”
  • Slavko Vukajlov, guest
  • Zoran Gavrilović, BSc. Eng. Forestry, ISF”DRC”
  • Zoran Dimčić, Dr. Med.
  • Dušan Drndarski, independent researcher, ISF”DRC”
  • Dragan – Guru Đuragin, Expert in Banking
  • Enisa Imamović, BA Manager of Culture and Education, ISF”DRC”
  • Dejan Jolović, MA of Politology, independent researcher ISF”DRC”
  • Zoran Jolović, MA in Economics, Director Belgrade Business Consulting Group
  • Snežana Jolović, guest
  • Svetlana Kovačević, guest
  • Slavko Maksimović, Msc. of Meteorology, Association “Milutin Milanković”
  • Velika Marković, European Block
  • Dr. Zoran Milivojević, Member of the Joint Commission for the Iron Gate HENS
  • Prof. Dr. Kristijan Ristić, University “Union – Nikola Tesla” and ISF”DRC”
  • Mihailo Sretenović, BSc. Hydro-engineering
  • Dr. Edita Stojić Karanović, Research Professor, President of the ISF”DRC”

Professor Dr. Nataša Bogavac, Docent Dr. Kristijan Ristić and Dr. Edita Stojić Karanović welcomed participants with speeches in which they expressed their readiness for long-term cooperation, among other things in improvement of implementation of project ideas generated in previous years, as well as those of the future.

ISF”DRC” Acknowledgements were awarded to Mihailo Sretenović for long-term valuable activities in his capacity as President of the Program Council of the ISF”DRC” he held until 2014, and to Enisa Imamović for decades of performing a non-paid volunteer work on editing the web site of the ISF”DRC” and the bilingual Internet journal „Danubius“.

Then it was given 4 introductory presentations:

  1. Dejan Jolović: The Danube in Function of the New Silk Road and Serbia place on it,
  2. Dušan Drndarski: The project of regulating the waterway at Novi Sad
  3. Zoran Gavrilović: Project proposal “Knowledge for Flood Protection (KnowFlood)
  4. Edita Stojić Karanović: Informations about projects whose authors were not able to come to this gathering (Mato Zubac, Rade Milutinović, Radmila Maksimović, László Pándi, István Szilvássy)

These presentations were followed by constructive discussions and exchange of views on the problems that hinder the realization of good project ideas and proposals and on the possibilities for realization of such project ideas and proposals in the forthcoming period. Constructive discussions are particularly contributed by Prof. Dr. Nataša Bogavac, Zoran Jolović, MA in Economics and Mihailo Sretenović, BSc. Hydroengineering.

Conclusions of the Round Table:

  1. Experience in few years has shown that it is not enough to present project proposals for at meetings, nor is it enough to submit them to the contest, considering that the strength of the proposal is sufficient that the proposal receives the necessary support for the further development and realization;
  2. It should be addressed to decision makers at the local level with project proposals that would contribute to the sustainable development of local communities;
  3. For addressing the European and other foreign funds it is necessary to include competition experts to prepare materials together with the authors of projects in teamwork. That would assure application with a better chance at success than now, when the applications are prepared by volunteers of the ISF”DRC” .
  4. Should immediately work on the preparation of project proposals for cross-border cooperation for the upcoming announce, as the project proposal Knowledge for Flood Protection (KnowFlood) for the cross/border/cooperation with all neighboring countries, whereas the project proposal Ecology Park „Milutin Milanković“ (proposed by R. Maksimović) and the project proposal of water bases for sport and tourism on the Danube „Water Drops“ (of L. Pándi) and Danube Pearls (of I. Szilvássy) for CBC with Croatia, finding first the most adequate leading partners in counties Osiječko-Baranjski (Dalj, Erdut) and in county Vukovarsko-Srijemska (Ilok).
  5. It was agreed to further cooperation between ISF “DRC” and the Faculty of Industrial Management at detailed preparation of the Conclusions of the Round Table, on their implementation of the joint project activities, as well as in organizing the 27th international conference “Danube – River of Cooperation” in October this year.



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