Projects of the International Scientific Forum “Danube – River of Cooperation”

During the last quarter of a century International Scientific Forum “Danube – River of Cooperation” initiated numerous projects on sustainable development. Some of them were carried out by members of the ISF “DRC”, some in cooperation with other organizations. Projects supported by the ISF “DRC” gain international recognition.

Climate Change

Belgrade Perspectives for Sustainable Development and Climate Changes

Project realised with the aid of the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA) in the framework of the programme for supporting civil society organisations in promoting sustainable development in Serbia (SECTOR II), implemented by the Belgrade office of the Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe (REC).

Institutional Capacity Building in Area of Climate Change in Serbia and Montenegro in its preparation for Future Membership in European Union

In accordance with the aim of the International Scientific Forum “Danube – River of Cooperation” which is to promote international cooperation in the Danube region for sustainable development, the Forum organised the project “Institutional Capacity Building in Area of Climate Change in Serbia and Montenegro in its preparation for Future Membership in European Union”. The Project is implemented with the support of the Government of Slovakia – Bratislava-Belgrade Fund – in the frame of Official Development Assistance. The project started in 2004.

Cross-border Cooperation

Euro-region “Middle Danube – Iron Gate”

The project on establishing the Euro-region “Middle Danube – Iron Gate” was launched at the XIII Conference “Danube – River of Cooperation” in Kladovo (the town on the river Danube in the Iron Gate gorge) in 2002. After the presentation and wide discussion about the project,  the representatives of local authorities signed the Letter of Intent to establish this Euro-region.

Cross border cooperation of local authorities, expert associations and nongovernmental organizations on the Middle Danube

Opportunities to promote existing contacts (Grocka-Budafok; Cooperation of Ecological-Educational Section of the ISF DRC in Kovin with the Hungarian Association of Professors and Teachers for the Protection of Natural and Human Environment).

Regional Development

Program for regulation of the Basic Nautical Waterway in the Danube Region through Serbia

This macro-project had the aim to prepare the establishment of “small waterways” on the Danube, to initialize changes and amendments to the standards of nautical reception destinations, opening of coastal settlements towards the Danube, to initiate inclusion of the Programs’ directives in the spatial plans of the municipalities along the Danube. For the elaboration of the macro-project ISF DRC signed contracts with the Ministry of Commerce, Tourism and Services of the Government of Serbia and Montenegro and with several local authorities.

Programme of the basic waterway network of Danube region for recreational craft through Serbia

During the elaboration of this Programme – and in accourdance with the mission of the ISF “DRC” aimed at promoting international regional cooperation – it was concluded that it is necessary to develop the system of international projects in connection with the main tributaries of the Danube (the rivers Drava, Sava, Tisa, Morava, and the Danube- Tisa-Danube canal), following the guidelines proposed under the Standards for Use of Inland Waterways by Recreational Craft. This international project in the region is provisionally named: Middle Danube Nautical Tourist Region.

Study of the marina network in Vojvodina

Danube International Business Club

A specific investment forum focusing on regional development projects has been in place for several years within the ISF DRC.

Educational Projects

Universitas Danubiana Seminar of International Cooperation, the educational programme of the ISF DRC was especially active from 1996 to 1998.

Projects supported by ISF “DRC”

International Scientific Forum “Danube – River of Cooperation” is open towards all ideas and projects from the field of sustainable use of natural resources and supports them. Some of those projects are:

  • Initiative for forming the Euro region Upper Danube (2006)
  • „Potentials for developing nautical tourism in the region of river Tisa” (supported since 2006)
  • „Danubian odyssey” photo-monograph (2006)
  • Project ideas about the sustainable use of the resources in Belgrade for the tourism development (supported since 2006)
  • Project of mythological tourism (2008)
  • Research “Comparative sociological analysis of attitudes and values of the populations of relocated villages in the Đerdap gorge” (supported since 2006)
  • “Rajko’s cave” as a sustainable tourist product (supported since 2007)
  • Project proposal “On the routes of the Old Saxon miners” (2006)
  • Development strategy for tourism on the territory of Golubac municipality, with the most important project proposals in this field, and as the most urgent one, the construction of a vertical pier, that would allow for a larger number of passenger ships with tourists to accost. (supported since 2006)