Cluster – A Chance for Women’s Entrepreneurship Development

Linking production, science and education today is a necessary condition for increasing competitiveness. The conquest of new markets and new technologies and creation of new jobs without the participation of related institutions becomes unmanageable. Economy which wants successful development and good business results has to provide conditions for creating strong relationships with the production of scientific research and educational institutions. Networking in the cluster thus becomes a necessity for economic development. Shared vision, shared strategy, and the same goal – to succeed, becomes possible and feasible through the cluster. Creativity, innovation and vision of the clusters – in spite of the increasing globalization – provide a long-term advantage for enterprises. Well-organized and properly managed cluster management with effective and competent managers will use the competitive advantages of clusters. In addition, it will ensure its place in the market and will enable its growth and development. In Serbia the year of 2012 is marked as the year of women`s entrepreneurship. Hereby I am outlining the links which refer to the tight connection between the expanding women`s entrepreneurship and clusters as an effective recipe for further networking, education and joint market.

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