Universitas Danubiana Textbook

Published in Belgrade, for the academic year 1996/97

Table of Contents

  • „Universitas Danubiana – the Basic Goals“ by Edita Stojić-Karanović, introductory lecture (pp. 1-8)
  • „Global and Regional Trade and Cooperation – Key Task of Modern Diplomacy“ by Radoslav Bulajić (pp. 9-17)
  • „The Economic Potentials of the FR Yugoslavia for International Cooperation“ by Mladjen Kovačević (pp. 19-24)
  • „Importance of the International Cooperation in the Field of the Environment – with Special Reference to the Mediterranean“ by Vid Vukasović (pp. 25-29)
  • „Perspectives of Multilateral Cooperation in Southeast Europe“ by Predrag Simić (pp. 31-45)
  • „Globalism vs. Regionalism and Economic Security on the Threshold of the 21st Century“ by Judit Balázs (pp. 47-60)
  • „The Great Turning-Point in Development of World Economy“ by Džemal Hatibović (summary pp.61-62)
  • „The Regime on the River Danube and the Modalities of the Rational Exploitation of the Water-Recources“ by Jovan Paunović (pp. 63-66)
  • „The Yugoslav Potentials for Entering the World Tourstic Market“ by Snežana Štetić (pp. 67-73)
  • „Environmental and Energy Management in the Danube Region“ by Siegfried Gehrecke (pp. 75-80)
  • „CEFTA – Regional Cooperation – Constitution, Development and Achievements“ by Lajos Berényi (pp. 81-83)
  • „Structural Reform of Postal and Telecommunication Systems – Models, Strategies, Policies“ by Nataša Gospić (pp. 85-97)
  • „Some Possibilities for Regional Cooperation in the Transport Sector along the Danube“ by Olga Cvetanović (pp. 99-101)
  • „The Emerging European Law on Ethnic Minorities“ by Silvo Devetak (pp. 103-110)
  • „The Status of Kosovo in the Light of Geopolitical Changes in the Balkans“ by Zoran Lutovac (pp. 111-119)

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