Čenćanska Lakes – The Gate of Banat and the Middle Tamis Basin (Abstract)


Author: prof. Stevan Prohaska, Director of the Scientific Research and Information Technology Department of the Institute “Jaroslav Černi”

Editors note: This is the Abstract in English on the article on the lakes in Serbian.

This presentation is based on the idea of civil environmental association “ECO-WAVE“ from Tomasevci for the formation of the project: “Čenćanska Lakes – Gate of Banat and the Middle Tamiš Basin” through Local Action Group “Tamiš Development Initiative” (LAG-TRI).

As noted in the source material area LAG-TRI covers the territory of nine settlements in the area of the middle flow of the river Tamis: Tomaševac, Orlovat, Farkaždin, Idvor, Sakule, Baranda, Čenta and Opovo. It spreads over parts of three municipalities: Zrenjanin, Kovačica and Opovo, as well as two districts: Central Banat and South Banat.

The total area of the territory of LAG-TRI is 536.7 km2, population 20,144, the average population density is 37 st/km2, the greatest density in the neighbourhood Opovo st/km2 1997, and the lowest in Idvor 21 st/km2. The average altitude of the terrain is about 60 mnJM, The highest is in Umka mnJM 99.8 in the Orlovat area, whereas the lowest is in the Tomasevci area, 59 mnJM.

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