Regionalna policijska saradnja na izmenjenom Balkanu (Apstrakt)

Jedanaesta prioritetna oblast u Dunavskoj strategiji koji su formulisani u januaru 2012. godine je promocija bezbednosti i borba protiv prekograničnog organizovanog kriminala. Balkan je jedan od glavnih uvoznika „mekih“ bezbednosnih pretnji u EU, kao i dobro poznata ruta koju koriste organizovane kriminalne grupe za različite kriminalne aktivnosti. Pojačan intenzitet regionalnih policijskih odnosa je neophodan radi suzbijanja bezbednosnih pretnji, ali i izgradnje stabilnog regiona. Policijske službe na Balkanu su se u novim društvenim okolnostima suočavale sa dvostrukim problemom – osloboditi se nasleđa prošlosti s obzirom na represivnu ulogu koju su imale u komunizmu i stvoriti novu, reformisanu policiju sa „demokratskim licem“.

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On Trans-Regional and Trans-Border Cooperation

The fact is that we are today still far from that Hugo’s vision of Europe where the battlefield would be exchanged for market and spirit would become open for ideas. Perhaps nowadays when we discuss at the most about united Europe we are as far from being united as we were after the Second World War, or at the time of the so-called Cold War. Undoubtedly, however the fact is that for South-Slavs this period is much more baleful. The most painful geopolitical pre-structuring of powers in this present Europe were happening on the Balkans

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Methodology for the Elaboration of Sectorial Studies for Territorial Capital by Synergy of the Sequential Components based on Eco-Bio-Economy with a View to Form the Rural Web Network of Zoogenetic Biodiversity in the Banat Region

Eco-Bio-Economy may be considered an attempt for a new eco-economic and bio-economic vision, which reunites in an integrated pattern: the economy, the ecology, the biodiversity, the eco-economy and the bio-economy focusing the integrated smart sustainable development of the world. To this valuable areas, the Eco-Bio-Economy may address possible Eco-Bio-Policies and Eco-Bio-Strategies and allows the contribution of the social economy, of excellence and of the “all in one quality”, of the welfare economy, of solidarity, social corporate responsibility, as elements which may be utilized in an integrated practical future platform in a multipolar world for a healthy and ecological environment, to ensure and to promote a smart, creative, innovative, economic sustainable development. Transnational projects can also be included in the strategy for development in Banat because these projects represent a possible way of developing the Danube area.

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Obnovljivi izvori energije – nasušna potreba Srbije (Apstrakt)

Povećanim korišćenjem obnovljivih izvora energije, osim očiglednih ekonomskih efekata kao što su smanjenje potrošnje uvoznih energenata i smanjenje zagađenja životne sredine, angažovao bi se domaći kapital, podstakao rad malih i srednjih preduzeća, kao i domaće proizvodne opreme za korišćenje ovih izvora energije. Otvorila bi se nova radna mesta i zaposlili bi se ljudi iz lokalne sredine. Došlo bi do razvoja ruralnih krajeva zemlje, jer većina obnovljivih izvora energije se nalazi baš tamo, u tim područjima, koja su ekonomski i privredno najnerazvijenija.

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Graditeljska baština Srba u Dalju – kuća Milutina Milankovića

Mesto Dalj u opštini Erdut, u Osiječko-baranjskoj županiji, predstavlja mesto rođenja velikog naučnika Milutina Milankovića, čiji je rodni dom jedna od najvažnijih ustanova kulture u ovom kraju. Ovaj rad posvećuje pažnju značaju i rekonstrukciji rodnog doma Milutina Milankovića. Ovu rekonstrukciju, pored njene arhitektonske i kulturne vrednosti, možemo tumačiti i kao ponovno oživljavanje interesovanja za život i delo Milankovića.

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Cluster – A Chance for Women’s Entrepreneurship Development

Linking production, science and education today is a necessary condition for increasing competitiveness. The conquest of new markets and new technologies and creation of new jobs without the participation of related institutions becomes unmanageable. Economy which wants successful development and good business results has to provide conditions for creating strong relationships with the production of scientific research and educational institutions. Networking in the cluster thus becomes a necessity for economic development. Shared vision, shared strategy, and the same goal – to succeed, becomes possible and feasible through the cluster. Creativity, innovation and vision of the clusters – in spite of the increasing globalization – provide a long-term advantage for enterprises. Well-organized and properly managed cluster management with effective and competent managers will use the competitive advantages of clusters. In addition, it will ensure its place in the market and will enable its growth and development. In Serbia the year of 2012 is marked as the year of women`s entrepreneurship. Hereby I am outlining the links which refer to the tight connection between the expanding women`s entrepreneurship and clusters as an effective recipe for further networking, education and joint market.

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Regionalization and Globalization in the Concept of Sustainable Development Education

model sistema za menadzment kvaliteta

The concept of sustainable development appeared when the economic growth was given ecological objectives regarding the prevention and reduction of pollution with a view to environmental preservation, as well as the rehabilitation of affected areas. The prevention of a destructive process such as the disruption of the ecological balance is by all means cheaper than the reconstitution of the conditions prior to an ecological disaster. Sustainable development has become the strategical objective of all mankind. United in pursuit of this objective, the governments of many countries elaborated variants of actions which should ensure the economic growth towards which mankind aspires, with minimum damage to the environment. There were elaborated political and economic solutions, worldwide and region-wide, and so there was born a new discipline, called environmental engineering.

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Биљни и животињски свет (флора и фауна) као потенцијал зa развој туризма Подунавља Србије

Биљни и животињски свет Подунавља Србије представља велику атракцију за развој туризма. Дунав снагом свог воденог потенцијала кривуда, мења временом корито, руши и односи обале, премешта и таложи муљ и песак. Ствара нове спрудове, меандре, рукавце, мртваје, аде, обалске брежуљке и пешчане дине. Управо баре, мочваре и ритови са карактеристичним биљним и животињским светом који га прати, јесте специфичност и изузтна вредност приобаља Дунава. Мелирационим радовима широка плавна подручја Дунава су сведена на најмању меру, што је утицало на основне карактеристике тих подручја. Мочварни предели претворени су у пољопривредно земљиште, а преостале површине се често користе као рибњаци. Услед измена услова станишта, аутохотна вегетација, флора и фауна, претрпеле су значајне промене, разноврсност и бројност врста су редуковане. Подручја под шумама мењају свој изглед. Уместо старих шума врбе, тополе, јављају се нове, најчешће еуроамеричке тополе. Приобаље Дунава, и поред тога богато је бројним оазама, у којима се налазе делови очуване природе, са богатим и разноврсним биљним и животињским светом. Нарочито су значјна мочварна барска подручја оринтолошки резервати са ретким проређеним и угроженим птицама.

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Rivers do Not to be Borders – The Phenomenon of the Danubian Culture (a comparative reflection in cultural history of Europe)

Profound and complex cultural inter-penetrating also resulted from close contacts among people using the river for transports. If the official history of the Danube is that of politics and navigation mostly, this is not a consequence of absence of evidence in other domains, but rather that of absence of consequential historiography. Evidences of cultural interference along the banks of the Danube are various and numerous, going from houses and clothes to social practices and popular culture. The cultural parallels among the Danube countries become obvious if only one cares to make a real or literary voyage on the Danube from its source to its mouth. The cultural similarities flowing by on its banks, from one region to another, are striking.

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The role of Bavarian NGOs in protecting the environment along River Danube as part of the projects of Danube Strategy (Full Article)

Authors: Krisztina Kőműves, geographer, PhD student, and András Mérei, geographer, politologist, PhD student, Doctoral School of Earth Sciences University of Pécs, Hungary Editor’s note: This is the full article of the abstract published last week. Introduction The southeast strategic direction … Continue reading